Wedding Academy FAQ

Do I need any experience in events or weddings to take part in the Academy?

Not at all. Just a keen passion for weddings! The Academy covers all the elements a wedding planner has to deal with, and more. Experienced wedding planners as well as individuals who are new to the wedding world are welcome, all will gain a better understanding of the luxury wedding market.

What’s different to the Academy compared to other Wedding Planning Workshops?

The Academy will leave you inspired on all areas of wedding planning. From the glamorous and not so glamorous. You’ll learn how to plan the logistics of a wedding, to the creative design process, to the branding and marketing aspects. Supplier management and relationships and running a business to make a profit.

How will the Academy help an already established wedding planner?

Gaining an insight into the luxury service Mark Niemierko provides. You may be a planner that is more logistical than creative. Mark Niemierko combines both, meaning he can offer couples far more. You will learn new techniques to add to your existing knowledge and be able to offer these additional services to your clients.

Do you provide a qualification at the end of the Academy?

Upon completion of the course all students are given a Niemierko Wedding Academy Certified Accreditation certificate, as well as being given the Accreditation logo to use in any marketing materials. Although not a formal qualification, this does carry a certain kudos and respect within the industry.

Will the attendees be able to attend a Niemierko Wedding?

Afraid not unless completing a full internship with Niemierko. At Niemierko confidentially and a discreet service is what appeals to a large amount of our couples, so we adhere to this first and foremost in remembering that a couples wedding day is a personal and private event.

Is there an internship or employment within Niemierko having completed the course?

This is a possibility. It’s important you let us know you are interested in taking part in an internship, so we can take this into account. Internships are for a minimum of 1 month, and unpaid.

What should I wear and do I need to bring anything with me?

Smart and comfortable attire is recommended. We provide notebooks, pens and pencils. However it is worth considering bringing a camera with you, if you don’t have one on your mobile phone.

View the Niemierko Academy Terms and Conditions here.