A 2 hour in person appointment with Mark Niemierko


The Niemierko Wedding Planning Career Consultation is a 2-hour appointment for students who want an introductory meeting with the UK’s premier wedding planner Mark Niemierko. Based over either a glass of champagne, cup of tea or coffee at Niemierko’s office, within central London.


Mark Niemierko gives direct, honest advice whilst sharing his knowledge and experience within the wedding industry. Pointing his students in the right direction for their career.


The Consultation can be tailored to what advice and knowledge is required, from how to break into the wedding world, to already having a business and asking Mark Niemierko advice on areas to improve, or unsure on. Or a different approach one maybe considering.


Prior to the in-person meeting with Mark, there will be a scheduled phone conversation with him. Whereby he will discover what the student requires from the meeting. Allowing him to then tailor the appointment, in advance, to suit the student’s personal requirements.


Post the consultation our students will also be able to email Mark personally should any further short pieces of advice be needed.

“Mark is so good at organising weddings he now runs an academy for future wedding planners”