A letter from Mark Niemierko to the family that pulls a Niemierko Wedding day together.

Niemierko turned 15 on 17th March this year.  I had planned a team quiz night of sorts to celebrate.  Yet in February several suppliers working within the corporate events sector told me a number of events had been cancelled or postponed…. Thus, a celebration did not feel right.  I regretfully feared postponements and cancellations would extend to the world of weddings.  I had no idea, like all of us, that we would end up in this locked down new norm where life let alone events and weddings would be changed.

Whilst Niemierko Brides and Grooms are of course at the forefront of my mind, being a planner, I naturally enjoy a challenge…. Moving a wedding to a new date, reassuring my couples.  It comes as second nature after 15 years of doing this job.

Yet, and I hope my couples will not mind me writing this, my overriding concern has been for my industry.  The countless great companies, venues and of course freelancers that come together to make remarkable memories.  If you know me one word I cannot stand is staff, whilst I’m fine with referring to all the characters that come to work and bring a Niemierko event to life as a team…. I prefer to think of us as a family.  A mad slightly bonkers unit… who at the core share one goal; immense care and respect in delivering for Niemierko couples.

It has been heart-breaking to speak to many people in the industry.  The worry of the unknown.  When will weddings be able to happen again.  Concerned about keeping businesses open – and god forbid affording the other daily costs to get by.  All whilst looking after their health.  As I have said individually to many, let’s prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

Whilst I cannot say for certain when the next Niemierko wedding day will be.  What I do know is come that first event – the Niemierko family will deliver.  From the unflappable Kay Patel at Intricate Creations dealing with endless proof revisions of invitations, to perhaps my most reliable of team members calligrapher Liz Hearle emailing me to tell me she’s written the place names a day earlier than expected.

To event day itself and seeing at the crack of dawn Emily Few Brown from Spook London caterers onsite and telling me the coffee and almond milk is awaiting me in outmess.  Seamus Ryan from Booth Nation and his team asking me where the booth is going – realising I have not put it on the cad plan!  To the Great Hire furniture delivery chaps laughing that I have not learnt, and STILL over order ottomans.

Then the moment the Niemierko Handsome Hosts (“the boys”) arrive onsite, some female (and the odd male) members of the team become a little coy.  There’s too many of you to mention but I promise not to roll my eyes in future boys – when a girl in the team asks me if awesome Aaron is single, to listen to one of amazing Adam’s conspiracy theories, for dearest Dom to quiz me if lasagne is the outmess meal, to not call Archie bland, to losing count of how many times capable Camilo has walked past me with a full tray of empty used glasses, hell I won’t get annoyed when confident Carl asks me endless questions like I’m a guest on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

To allowing Mike Cottrill from Reel Vision to break all my running order rules because rumour has it, he is my ultimate fav.  Hannah Gray and all her hot, hardworking dancers and singers arriving in the dressing rooms with endless sequined, feathered costumes, to ensuring Anna Greenwood our DJ has her cuppa before she goes to do her set.

These are uncertain times.  But one thing I am certain of is we will be putting on a celebration again for another legendary couple.  And with that you will all be in receipt of a 40 to 50 page running order, which I am sure you have all missed.

love and miss you all