Niemierko Hosts


Adam is the trustworthy, energetic lead Host at Niemierko Events. Typically playing the role of guest relations, overseeing transportation requirements to escorting guests with private access to the Tower of London. He will always be the first person awake, and typically in the gym, within the team hotel on out of London jobs…. Even after a 12-hour shift….

“To describe Mark would be like a firework”

Fav Niemierko Event…

I was lucky enough to be lead Host, with one other, on a 30th birthday party. The pre-meet location for the guests was the Yeoman Warders Club, also known as The Keys, a secret pub within the Tower of London. Typically, the only people with access are the 37 Beefeaters, who live with their families at the Tower. But Mark had arranged special entry for his client and her guests. Listening to the Beefeaters stories, who were in effect on their down time was a highlight.

Funny moments…

The same 30th Birthday, once the guests moved to the main party location the Four Seasons, Ten Trinity.  I don’t think anyone who was lucky enough to be invited will forget it, namely the entertainment. I along with two other hosts, Aaron and Archie lent a helping hand to two female performers, with their nude painting act.  I was not complaining about having such a front row seat on the stage as they ripped each other’s clothes off! It was a little hard to stay in character, keep it together, but safe to say I think we pulled off the performance.

Fav Niemierko Bride & Groom…

The couple for the Althorp House wedding, are the most memorable for many reasons.  Gracious yet also fun, spending time to ask our names and thank us, not just Mark, as we waved them off on Sunday morning.  Their guests were equally as nice, which made the long hours go by easier.

What makes Niemierko iconic…

Mark’s events stand out as they are done in such a way that you would not get elsewhere. The locations are always the very best, to help people’s dreams come to life. You can tell that he always wants the best for his clients, and that is why he not only hires us but spends a lot of time pre the event, and before guests arrive in briefing us properly.

Questionable uniform…

At the Althorp House wedding, Mark had some of us wear Grand Hotel Budapest inspired bell boy uniforms. It’s safe to say, and I’m thankful Mark agreed, the look didn’t really suit me.  I felt, and looked, like Norman Wisdom being swamped by wearing his Dads police uniform.  I was in it for all of 30 minutes before Mark said change.  There are images of me in said attire but Mark has promised me they’ll never see the light of day!

The Cabaret parties….  

Mark’s wild parties definitely need to be seen, than believed. Guests witness one performance, thinking that is it is over, but no there is always more. But that is typical of Mark, keeps the guests guessing, thus they leave wanting more.

Others in the Team you enjoy working with….

It has not been very often that we get to work with the HG Entertainment girls, which there of course needs to be more of!  But Mark does have great taste when choosing people to work with, which makes it easier for everyone to enjoy the team atmosphere back of house.

Describe Mark…

To describe Mark would be like a firework. If you stick to the guidelines on how to work with it safely, you will be fine. But if you think you can break away from the rules, then that firework may go off.  But the planned firework ensures a great event for the guests as much as us, the team.