It goes without saying we are in unprecedented times.  Worry and uncertainty across all our daily lives.  None more so than Brides and Grooms who had weddings scheduled during the current pandemic. 


Naturally not every couple is fortunate enough to have a wedding planner.  With this in mind Mark Niemierko has setup a complimentary advice service for Brides and Grooms who don’t have a wedding planner.  To offer free advice, guidance and expert tips. 


Simply email to schedule a call with the UK’s foremost wedding planner. 


Niemierko’s overriding advice to Brides and Grooms however is NOT to cancel their wedding.  Simply instead postpone it.  Thus, keeping your deposits safe whilst supporting your carefully chosen team of suppliers.

For further advice Vogue spoke to Mark Niemierko for the definitive guide to navigating up-in-the-air wedding plans in the current climate.