A Parisian themed birthday boudoir. Guests met at Le Pont de la Tour, overlooking the River Thames. French speaking Niemierko Hosts arrived, as if guests, asking the gentleman invitees if they could borrow the ladies and take them off to a club where they know the Madame’s on the door. All female guests left with the hosts, leaving the gentleman to attend an hour or so after. However, there was one stipulation. As the ladies got into a fleet of cars there were instructions on their seats, with gift boxes each. Inside a chain and padlock bracelet, which they had to wear to gain entry – handing the key to said padlock to the hostesses on arrival. We were not actually in Paris, Niemierko instead had transformed a railway arch in Bermondsey into a Boudoir with matching Bistro. Upon arrival our French maid Madame’s, once charmed, allowed entry. The Gentleman guests arrived shortly after whereby they were asked to pick a key from a bowl and match it to their ladies’ padlock. A private performance was the prize, naturally… An evening of twists and surprises ensued.

Photos: Matthew Ferguson

“Next time you kiss, make sure you do it in French.”





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