Some years back Mark Niemierko attended an event at Battersea Power Station, to showcase its use for private hire. As he left, he thought I would love to do a wedding here, but no Bride and Groom will ever go for it. How wrong he was, and that’s why Niemierko Brides and Grooms are legends. Wanting to create beautiful wedding days but be original and take risks. Whilst dating back to 2012, this Niemierko wedding is still as iconic as it was on that sunny September day. Whilst yes at times over the top bonkers, insanely large-scale build, and immense detail at the Power Station. The ceremony, in comparison, had a super intimate uniqueness to it. Held within the Battersea Library space it had romance at its heart, ask Mark to this day he will tell you this is still one of his favourite ceremonies. Bridesmaids in bold fuchsia pink dresses and neon yellow heels. The Groom placing a record on just before his Bride enters. To walking out to confetti canons bursting down the aisle. Our Bride was afraid of fireworks or anything that went bang. In explaining the concept of confetti canons for the end of the ceremony in the planning Mark informed our Bride ‘they go woosh not bang’. A little white lie. As he waited at the end of the aisle, after their ceremony her first words, with a smile ‘you said they would not make a bang!’ She loved it really. Making their way onto the Power Station, in a pink Cadillac, the guests on route masters. We were inspired by the Beverley Hills Hotel, oh and flamingos – if you do not notice! The reception, dinner and dancing were all held within the centre of the then disused station. A dinner setting under trees and a mix of colourful Simon Lycett florals, through to a retro gold shimmer themed dance space. There have been Niemierko weddings, but this was on a whole other level.

Photos: Jeremy Enness

“Seasoned professional Mark Niemierko is one of the country’s premier luxury wedding planners”